Today we woke up in a megalopolis, we can define Mexico City like this, the country’s capital. There are almost 9 million inhabitants in the metropolitan region and more than 20 million added to the surrounding cities.

Predominantly flat, at 2,500 meters of altitude, what caught our attention was the number of viaducts, ring roads and mainly the gigantic extension of the city. There were more than 50 kilometers to reach our hotel and we were already in the urban area!

Yesterday was a long day, but thanks to our travel companions, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK, no matter how long the trip, the comfort is guaranteed. In addition, the interior of the pickup is amazing, with technology, comfort and elements that are also present in other vehicles of the brand.

The 10 “HD touchscreen with the LANDTREK’s integrated navigation system were crucial to guide us through the itinerary here in Mexico City.

Yesterday we arrived at the hotel, close to midnight, we could even take the morning off to rest, because there is a rotating circulation of vehicles until 11:00 am that included our pickups. So, we were able to wash the LANDTREK and after the rotation we went to meet the most important Peugeot dealership, the Peugeot Universidad. There we met Franky Mostro – the Mexican host and digital influencer that will travel with us to Veracruz, our final destination here in the country.

As a host, he took us to a very peculiar region, Xochimilco, a kind of Mexican Venice. Where colorful wooden trawlers circulate through the canals. There are dozens of them, always in very intense tones – a Mexican cultural feature and where there is an intense river trade of everything you can imagine.

Boats with the famous Mariachis, food boats, drinks, souvenirs… and many shops that sell plants and flowers where you can pull over and buy. Something very unusual. A very interesting cultural tour! Many thanks to Franky.

At night the program was culinary, we went to the San Angel Inn, one of the most renowned Mexican restaurants in the country. We tried tostadas, tacos of various flavors, salads, meats and even typical desserts, accompanied by our local friends, Fernando and Ari, that we met in Los Cabos and who were responsible for organizing test-drives with journalists during the worldwide launch of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK.

Unfortunately, we were unable to record and take photos to share this gastronomic experience with you, due to COVID-19 and sanitary protocols, we had to stay at our table and we were unable to circulate.

Today we are still in the capital, tomorrow we are heading towards the east coast of Mexico.

See you!



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