Today is the last day of the Mexican part of the ‘Conectando las Américas’ Expedition!

A lot of expectation and still a lot of work. The whole team woke up at dawn and at 5:30 am we were already on the streets of Veracruz looking for the best place to take pictures of the sunrise.

Veracruz is a city of unique beauty, very well maintained, different from many port cities we know around the world. It is a very common tourist destination for Mexico City residents. It has very well maintained streets, with impeccable landscaping and many attractions for those who like the beach and the sea.

Its port is the oldest and most historically significant in Mexico.

We enjoyed the first sun rays to make the last images of our 3 new PEUGEOT LANDTREK along the avenue that borders the sea while the sun was rising majestically in the Gulf of Mexico sea.

We started our trip 14 days ago contemplating the sunrise in the Pacific and we ended with this wonderful view.

After another test-drive on board of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK, with customers from the local dealership, we took our adventure companions to the last bath in a car wash and then, we have already prepared them for boarding.

There were almost 14,000km driven, added to the odometer of the 3 Peugeot pick-ups, without any setback or problem, they were impeccable. And we verified its great resistance to use: 4×4, cargo or highway.

There were two intense weeks, seven face-to-face test-drives and several virtual events. The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK aroused a lot of curiosity wherever we went!

Mexico surprised us with its wonderful landscapes with all its geographical, cultural and historical diversity.

It was a very intense and rewarding experience. A practical life experience class!

While the PEUGEOT LANDTREK travel to South America, we embarked back home and we’ll see ourselves in 2021 exploring the riches of another continent.

See you later!



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