We continue our journey in San Pedro de Atacama with the New Peugeot Landtrek. We started the expedition on the way to the El Tatio geysers, where we traveled 98 km from the town to reach the place that is at a height of 4,320 meters. Here the fumaroles originated by the minerals of the earth surround us, where the water boils at more than 85 ° C and the traction of the trucks was perfect to move forward without problems.

Then, we went in search of the best pisco sour in the area, a typical chilean cocktail, and we met Rodrigo Jordán, representative of the Adobe restaurant, located in the most central street of San Pedro de Atacama. There we discovered the rica-rica pisco sour, an ancient plant that has various benefits, and that when macerated it expels its delicious aroma and flavor.

The north of Chile continues impressing us and the new Peugeot Landtreks have been the perfect companion on the road to continue the expedition to the south of the continent. Join us!



Day 4 | Perú

We finish the route of this magnificent adventure, in one of the most beautiful territories of Peru, which is what corresponds to the Sacred Valley


Día 4 | Perú

Terminamos el recorrido de esta magnífica aventura, en uno de los territorios más lindos de Perú, que es lo que corresponde a  El Valle Sagrado


Day 3 | Perú

We continue our trip to the city of Cusco, capital of the Inca Empire and current world heritage site. In this place you can find


Día 3 | Perú

Continuamos nuestro viaje hacia la ciudad de Cusco, capital del Imperio Inca y actual patrimonio de la humanidad. En este lugar puedes encontrar las ruinas