It is day 3 of our fascinating trip, as always on top of our Peugeot Landtrek, and the desire to continue exploring continues. We start the day at the gates of Colonia de Sacramento, or better known as Colonia, one of the most historic and most visited cities in Uruguay.

We start the tour through the historic center, the oldest neighborhood in the city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. Walking through these streets really feels like a trip to the past, and we love it, without a doubt our Favorite places were the Calle de los Suspiros and the Faro de Colonia. The 10′ touch screen, the piano-type command keys and its leather-wrapped steering wheel make driving pleasure unique, the spaces for objects are endless!

Thank you Colonia for so much, but it was time to say goodbye, and leave for a new city.

We are on our way to Punta del Este, a city very different from Colonia, but one that will surely also make us fall in love. See you there!



Day 4 | Perú

We finish the route of this magnificent adventure, in one of the most beautiful territories of Peru, which is what corresponds to the Sacred Valley


Día 4 | Perú

Terminamos el recorrido de esta magnífica aventura, en uno de los territorios más lindos de Perú, que es lo que corresponde a  El Valle Sagrado


Day 3 | Perú

We continue our trip to the city of Cusco, capital of the Inca Empire and current world heritage site. In this place you can find


Día 3 | Perú

Continuamos nuestro viaje hacia la ciudad de Cusco, capital del Imperio Inca y actual patrimonio de la humanidad. En este lugar puedes encontrar las ruinas