Following the trip through Mexico, today we had the opportunity to ride the new Peugeot Landtrek on the brand new highway that connects Mazatlán to Torreón. There were almost 500 km of beautiful landscapes on board of the PEUGEOT LANDTREK.

The first 200 kilometers to Victoria de Durango were practically all on mountain roads. We start from Los Cabos, at sea level, and reached an altitude of 2,500 meters. We should remember that the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK are equipped with turbo engine, both the gasoline and the diesel version, so the altitude was not a problem, on the contrary, they presented an excellent performance.

The highlights of the day were the two cable-stayed bridges and the countless tunnels we passed. Mexico has really given us with breathtaking landscapes.

To complete the day, we were received at the Lyon Motors dealership in Torreón to show the new truck and make our first stop. As a gift, the PEUGEOT LANTREK won a complete wash.

Our trip was very smooth and safe, with all the comfort guaranteed by our traveling companions, the PEUGEOT LANDTREK.

A curious fact is that when we arrived in Torreón, almost at nightfall, a policeman on a motorcycle stopped us, because the pickup trucks are still without their license plates. But we showed the provisional license that is fixed on the windshield and the mandatory insurance. All right, in fact we think he stopped us was to admire the beauty of the Peugeot Landtrek.

Today we will sleep in Torreón and tomorrow we will continue towards Monterrey.

See you tomorrow!



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