Today, the day here in Torreón, Mexico, started with a visit to the main tourist spot in the city: the Cristo de las Noas, which is located on a small hill from where we could see practically the whole city, and with the protection of the Christ all over of us, including the three PEUGEOT LANDTREK.

In this place there are many donwhill practitioners – that modality in which the cyclist descends as quickly as possible a certain irregular road or with obstacles on a given mountain. And when they saw the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK, they soon came to ask us about the features and were impressed with the load capacity.

One of them said that ten bikes would fit on it!

The rear size of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK is incredible and is the most spacious cargo zone on the market.

From there we went to present the pickup trucks to the dealership’s customers and prospects on an off-road track with several obstacles. We did dozens of test drives and, without a doubt, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK surprised everyone.

The 360 ​​camera was the highlight. Even before reaching the top of the obstacle, it was already possible to watch, to see through the 10″ touch screen of the PEUGEOT LANDTREK, what was after the peak.

Another attribute that we managed to demonstrate was the 100% locking of the rear differential.

The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK is equipped with an electronic differential lock system that increases traction when a wheel slips. An attribute that we managed to demonstrate during the test drive.

Because on a ramp of very loose ground, the wheels detracked to overcome the obstacle. Then, it was enough to activate the rear lock and the PEUGEOT LADTREK overcame the obstacle with ease and safety. It was a very nice experience!

In the afternoon, we said goodbye to Torreón and traveled about 350 km, to the city of Monterrey.

Tomorrow will be the day for Peugeot customers here to test the PEUGEOT LANDTREK.

See you soon!



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