Sometimes surprises appear in places where we did not expect. Today was like this here on our trip through Mexico. A day of great mileage where expectations for good images were not as high as in previous days.

The traditional route from Monterrey to San Luis Potosí is predominantly flat. There are about 550 kilometers of good quality roads. However, that is not the goal when we are on an expedition. And when better studying the map, we saw a detour that crossed the Sierra Madre, a mountain range with peaks close to 3.000 meters of altitude and very sinuous. Without even thinking twice, we headed in this direction.

To our surprise, the place is incredible, beautiful, with the road cutting through the stone walls. We even gave ourselves the luxury of leaving the main road for a bit and followed some local roads, but with all this beauty and the all stops for taking photos and images, time was tightening and we needed to reach our goal still during the day.

This shortcut on the trip was really worth it. But it was not the last surprise of the day. Near San Luis Potosí, we went to visit a village called Cerro de San Pedro. What a place!

We were impressed by the beauty of the small town that was the state capital in the gold and silver cycle in the 16th century, but when production declined due to water scarcity, people left the city for San Luís de Potosí. So, it remained a bit untouched, there on the mountain, at over 2,000m altitude.

A place almost forgotten by time. An almost ghost town.

Today the village lives on tourism and has been completely restored, including during our visit we were able to see several parts under construction. An unmissable place for anyone visiting the region.

There we stayed knowing the place and making beautiful images of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK, with its extremely modern design, with worked and robust shapes, contrasted with the historic houses, making a connection between the old and the new.

With that, time passed and the day was getting darker. And to complicate things further, the cold appeared for real. When we left Cerro San Pedro towards San Luís de Potosí, the PEUGEOT LANDTREK thermometers marked 7C˚. Time to go to the hotel and take a hot shower.

Tomorrow morning will be the day for the Peugeot customers here in San Luís de Potosí to test the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK and then we will head towards Guadalajara.

Tomorrow there’s more.



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