One of Mexico’s cultural heritage is the tequila. A distilled drink that is successful worldwide. And since the city of Tequila, in the state of Jalisco, where most of the factories are located, was about an hour away from Guadalajara, we decided to continue the expedition there to learn about the product’s manufacturing process.

The city of Tequila is a ‘Pueblo Mágico’ (magical village) in Mexico. The magical villages are small towns of great cultural, historical, architectural and gastronomic richness in Mexico. These are places that preserve these aspects and are of great importance for the country’s history. They are magical because in a way they connect us with the Mexican roots and traditions.

We took advantage of the Tequila’s magnificent scenery, to explore more about the production of the drink and take the customers for a test-drive of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK inside Casa Orendain, a blue agave farm, the plant that is the raw material for tequila, and a tequila producer since 1926.

The whole city revolves around this traditional drink, with dozens of bars and themes related to the subject. The test-drive guests, in addition to putting the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK to the test, were also able to visit the Casa Orendain distillery facilities and see the entire process of making this very precious liquid.

During the visit, the factory staff needed to transport a few dozen agave ‘piñas’ to a location within the factory itself. The ‘píña’ is, as they say, the heart of the agave.

The agave harvesting process is a Mexican tradition, known as “La Jima”. Using a sharp “coa” the ‘jimadores’ remove the thick and sharp leaves from the agave until they reveal their heart in the shape of a ‘piña’. Each piña can weigh more than 60kg.

The interesting thing here is that the Tequila Orendain is one of the few tequila companies that can preserve this important tradition due to its large production scale.

Quickly we offered to help. We parked one of our travel companions, the PEUGEOT LANDTREK, and loaded approximately 1 ton into the truck’s rear part, that didn’t even feel the weight, maintaining its performance.

To increase the cargo area, which is already the largest in the category, we use the accessory that extends the back over the rear cover, since the ‘piñas’ took a lot of space.

The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK is really robust inside and outside.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t taste the tequila, as we still had 600 kilometers to go until Mexico City.

A new fact in the expedition is that our convoy has increased. The digital influencer Franky Monstro has joined our team with his PEUGEOT LANDTREK and will follow us to Veracruz. From today, there are four PEUGEOT LANDTREK exploring Mexico and a Mexican host to show us the beauties of this charming country.

Franky has many followers here in Mexico, and we were already able to prove his fame on the trip from Guadalajara to Mexico City. On the road to Mexico City, a police car stopped us and asked us to pull over. When we went to talk to the police officer, he actually wanted to know if Franky was on the convoy because he saw that he was on the expedition on Instagram. New era!

See you tomorrow.



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