It’s a new chapter of Connecting the Americas with our Peugeot 4×4 Landtrek. This time, Uruguay. We’ll visit Uruguay’s most important cities, starting at Montevideo (capital of Uruguay), then Colonia, and finally Punta del Este.

Montevideo, what a lovely welcome, we started touring the historic center, where thanks to its cobblestone streets and buildings, we could observe the different historical stages of Montevideo.

Then we visited the port market and the agricultural market, where we met the locals, and even put the Landtrek to the test, helping to load merchandise at the port, an easy task for the Landtrek. 

By afternoon we’re strolling through the streets of Prado, and also got to visit the Solís theater, an opera house dating from 1842, yes, it’s as impressive as they say. 

We say goodbye to this day full of beautiful memories, we hope you enjoyed the trip, see you soon, let’s keep moving.


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